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Car Scratch Repair in Gravesend, Orpington, Dartford and Kent

The fully-trained technicians at Smart Solutions make car scratch repair even more convenient with mobile services available to Gravesend, Orpington and Dartford drivers. We’ll provide you with a quote and arrive at your location without delay. Restoring paintwork is even faster with our modern, Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology (S.M.A.R.T) tools which allow us to complete car scratch repair work with premium-quality colour match methods.

When Car Scratch Repair is Needed



Car scratch repair is ideal for maintaining the aesthetic of dark coloured vehicles which suffer from damaged paintwork due to stone chips. When driving around the streets of Gravesend, Orpington and Dartford, as well as on the motorways throughout Kent, vehicles are susceptible to scratches from loose stones and road surface debris. Motorists may be inclined to dismiss this level of bodywork damage; however, we can carry out expert car scratch repair work using state-of-the-art restoration techniques. Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology (S.M.A.R.T) allows us to correctly match the paint to cover up any body imperfections.

image of a scuff on a car rear bumper
image of a vandal scratching car bodywork



Another less pleasant need for car scratch repair is due to the act of vandalism. Bodywork and bumpers are common areas for vandals to key cars in and around the Gravesend, Orpington and Dartford area, including the door panels or boot. Whether you have single or multiple scratches to your paintwork, the technicians at Smart Solutions can quickly cover up the affected areas using the same colour paint. For superior S.M.A.R.T car scratch repair, we use products manufactured by Standox – one of our trusted, major-brand suppliers.

Gravesend, Orpington and Dartford motorists should invest in car scratch repair because:


  • Scratches to the paintwork makes cars look unattractive and unsightly
  • The presence of damage will lower the resale value of your vehicle
  • Leaving scratches or chips to the paintwork can lead to serious rust issues
  • Putting off car scratch repair work can result in long-term problems and costly restoration in the future


We recommend that any damage is fixed before the winter weather sets in. This is due to the adverse effects from the weather which can exacerbate blown paint and rust.

Services We Offer


  • Mobile Car Scratch RepairOur technicians can arrive at your location in Gravesend, Orpington, Dartford and the surrounding Kent area for fast and professional on-site services, with enough space for our repair van to park.
  • Small-to-Medium Area Repair Technology (S.M.A.R.T) – All we require is an outlet to connect an extension lead to and we can complete S.M.A.R.T car scratch repair work. The colour-matching technology will recognise the manufacturer’s colour code, which is then replicated using a spectrophotometer for the perfect tint.
  • Standox Paint – To achieve the perfect finish for car scratch repairs, we use major-brand, high-quality paint from Standox which is an Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEM) approved product.

If you require car scratch repair work for your vehicle in Dartford, Orpington, Gravesend or the wider Kent area, call 0800 335 7074 or 07732 884 392.

Telephone: 0800 335 7074

Mobile: 07732 884392

image of a scuff on a car rear bumper
image of a vandal scratching car bodywork